When my girls were little and experimenting th different tastes and textures, I introduced Pizza Eggs – a name that excited my kids with so many nutritious benefits on top. A very simple and healthy meal, all you need are 9 total ingredients and 10 easy steps:

1. 1 small onion – sautéed in 3 T olive oil

2. 5 oz diced ham – saute with onion

3. add salt, pepper & paprika to taste – saute until onion are translucent and ham is soft

4. add 1 large diced tomato – reduce

5. 12 oz shredded cheddar cheese – set aside

6. heat in a separate skillet 2 T olive oil

7. scramble 6-7 large eggs with salt & pepper to taste

8. pour eggs mixture into hot skillet

9. when edges bubble, flip and heat other side of egg like pancake

10. when cooked golden brown, remove, place on large flat plate and cover with “pizza” topping – cut into pizza shaped slices – Makes 4-5 servings

Eat with pita bread or toast points. Enjoy!


While you’re going about your day wondering what is wrong or deficient in the world around you, take a moment to consider what YOU have done to contribute to making it better. Are you waiting for change to happen or investing yourself actively? Are you tearing others down critically rather than can be building people up constructively? What have you contributed today in making your home and community a better place to live?

Set your perception to positive and the world will look like a much more promising place. Don’t try – DO!!!!

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